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EM3 Services Inc. operates at the highest standards of safety and environmental controls, with proven operating procedures. All equipment is driven by uniquely talented people. We provide quality service to clients from Fort St John, Fort Nelson, Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie and across the BC and Alberta Peace River Region. Our hands on management team has years of oilfield experience in the Fort St. John area. We also have several long term employees who are the heart of our company. All of our staff are local to the Fort St. John area. We are a service orientated company and we believe that people are the company, for this reason, management regards each employee as our most valuable asset.

The health and safety of each employee, contractor and the general public, combined with the protection of the environment, is of paramount importance to EM3 Services Inc.  All employees and contractors are orientated to the EM3 Services Inc. Health and Safety Manual, which includes our company policies and procedures. These policies are maintained by programs, which are continually updated to incorporate new ideas and the changing work place.

By combining the best service with our Safety Program, we believe that our clients will see the value of EM3 Services Inc. and will be customers for the long term. EM3 Services Inc. openly invites you, our customer, to visit us at our office, on location or join us for a safety meeting to provide feedback on our current levels of quality in safety and service.





Our equipment is closely monitored by our team of highly qualified mechanics and operators to ensure we provide safe and reliable service. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of professional, dependable service and performance available in the mulching industry today.

We carry a large inventory of spare parts, pumps, cylinders etc. to reduce downtime. Our number one priority, aside from safety, is our in depth maintenance program. We have a fully equipped welding truck and a mechanics field service truck with a full time mechanic available for immediate dispatch in the event of a break down.  


Cutting Width: 120in (3m)
Horse Power: 540hp (403Kw)
Ground Pressure: n/a

Clearing and mulching, standing trees, brush & stumps, creating a clear, stable soil base, site clearing & site preparation, stands up to rocks in soil, site excavation of frozen soil with little or no mixing of sub soil into top soil.

ONE PASS UP. ONE PASS BACK. You’re done. Standing trees, brush and stumps easily succumb to the Slasher’s 10 foot wide mouth. The Slasher is an environmentally friendly animal that mulches as it works and incorporates the debris back into the soil to create a stable base. Say goodbye to burning and root raking.

Download the PDF Fact Sheet for the IronWolf Slasher SST 1040.

Cutting Width:
Horse Power: 400hp (298kw)
Ground Pressure: n/a

Purpose-designed to rip it’s way through the most demanding right-of-way land clearing and site prep, the Barko 640 Industrial Crawler delivers far more power to the mulcher head than any other product on the market.  With it’s crawler and boom reach, it does it anywhere you want it to – sloped, uneven, swampy, up hills, down hills, river banks, around utility line runs, highway right-of-ways and anywhere else standard machines can’t go.

A cheaper alternative to burning piles: Yes we tested it and in most applications this is a cheaper, far safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly way of disposing of burn piles.

Excellent machine for rural road side day lighting where ditches are too steep or wet to use track style machines.  The Barko 640 can reach from dry road and mulch ditches as required for your application.

Download the PDF Fact Sheet for the Barko 640



Cutting Width: 98in (2.5m)
Horse Power: 475hp
Ground Pressure: 4.2psi

This Canadian made mid size mulcher is light footed and powerful, with 475hp and only 4.2psi of ground pressure.  Equipped with a FAE 2.5m rock drum, it is extremely durable and seldom needs tooth replacement in comparison to other machines, which turn into savings for our clients.

Cutting Width: 98in (2.5m)
Horse Power: 595hp
Ground Pressure: 5.2 psi

The biggest high speed drum machine available, the Bron 500 is one mean mulching machine.  Extremely efficient in all applications, especially large wood and dense bush, the Bron 500 out performs 500 class machines by 30-40% daily activity, while using the same rock type teeth as many of our 500 class machines.



Cutting Width: 108in (2.7m)
Horse Power: 275hp (205Kw)
Ground Pressure: 3.48 psi

The quad track drive and double articulating chassis allows for sharp cornering and excellent traction without leaving huge ruts. The Lamtrac has an incredibly low ground pressure (3.48 psi) which makes it ideally suited for the muskeg. It’s powerful mulching drum can chew through trees up to 6″ in diameter.

Download the PDF Fact Sheet for the Lamtrac LTR 8275.

Cutting Width: 98in (2.5m)
Horse Power: 415hp (309 Kw)
Ground Pressure: 4.95 psi

This is one powerful little package, 415hp with less than 5psi of ground pressure. Our Primetechs are equipped with 2.5m rock drums which are extremely durable and seldom use teeth in comparison to the other machines which turn into savings for the client not having extra tooth charges.

Download the PDF Fact Sheet for the Primetech PT400.






Our Services include, but not limited to:


·       Lease & Access   CLearing

·       Road Side Vegetation Maintenance

·       Agricultural Land Clearing

·       Seismic Line Cutting

·       Frozen Topsoil Mulching

·       Power Line Clearing & Maintenance

·       Fireguard

·       Pipeline Clearing & Maintenance

·       Road Construction

·       Stump Removal



Recent Projects



TransCanada Pipeline / Paul Paquette & Sons Contracting Ltd

– Saturn Groundbirch 36″  Dawson Creek, BC
– Pipeline Right of Way Clearing


Atco Electric / Cruickshank West Group

– Marguite to Wolf Transmission Line LaCorey, AB
– New line construction right of way clearing – 15 kms


Enbridge / Cruickshank West Group

– Athabasca Twin Pipeline Cold Lake, AB
– Pipeline Right of Way Clearing – 100 + hectares



Painted Pony Petroleum

– Multiple road and lease clearing projects
– Mile 132 Alaska Highway, BC


Imperial Oil / Tyran Transport

– Muskeg OV Program – Fort McMurray, AB
– Multiple Pad Leases


Suncor Oil & Gas

– Multiple road and lease clearing projects Fort St. John, BC



Shell Canada

– Multiple road and lease clearing projects Fort St. John, BC
– Topsoil mulching of pipeline right of way


Talisman Energy Inc

Several projects including:
– Pipeline right of way clearing
– Lease and access clearing
– Road upgrades
– Plant sites


Shell Canada

– Inuvik NWT
– Frozen soil mulching for lease reclaimation



Peace River Coal

– Large scale land clearing in Alpine conditions for mining operations – several hectares


Murphy Oil / Pipeworx Ltd

– Several pipeline right of way clearing projects


Progress Energy Canada Ltd

Several projects including:
– pipeline right of way clearing
– Lease and access clearing
– Road upgrades
– Plant sites


Specifics and references available upon request for all of the above mentioned.





General Manager
Jeff Doyle
Cell: 250-261-0018
Email: jeff@em3inc.ca

Office Manager / HSE Manager
Tina Carter
Office: 250-261-5655
Fax: 250-261-6441
Email: tina@em3inc.ca

8823 72nd Street, Fort St John BC V1J 0B4

EM3 Services Inc. is a C.O.R. certified company providing comprehensive land clearing and construction site preparation services in Northern British Columbia and Alberta.  Our objective is to complete our projects efficiently, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner while keeping our clients’ needs first.