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Barko 640 Industrial Crawler

Horse Power: 400hp (298kw) Ground Pressure: n/a
Purpose-designed to rip its way through the most demanding right-of-way land clearing and site prep, the Barko 640 Industrial Crawler delivers far more power to the mulcher head than any other product on the market. With its crawler capability and boom reach, it goes anywhere you want it to – sloped, uneven, swampy, up hills, down hills, river banks, around utility line runs, highway right-of-ways and anywhere else standard machines can’t go. An alternative to burning piles: Yes, we tested it and showed it is a far safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of piled waste wood. It’s an excellent machine for rural roadside vegetation clearing where ditches are too steep or wet to use track mounted machines. The Barko 640 can reach from dry road to mulch ditches, side & cut slopes.

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