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2710D Horizontal Grinder

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Peterson 2710D Horizontal Grinder

A productive and portable tool for getting waste wood off your site – woody debris goes in one end and reusable wood fibre comes out the other.

The 2710 is the smallest horizontal grinder in our fleet, but it has a huge appetite for woody debris. Its size makes it easier to transport on a towing dolly, after which it moves around the site on tracks. We set fibre sizing using different screens within the machine, and 4-inch (10cm) minus wood fibre can be piled on the ground or direct-loaded on to trucks at volumes of over 2000 cubic meters per shift.

Paired with our JD 2156 grappled wood handler, this team easily cruises around project sites making waste wood piles vanish. Equipped with a volume scanner and magnet, we reject metal from the fibre stream while providing accurate measurements of the quantities going into the fibre piles.

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