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Peterson 5710C Horizontal Grinder

A productive and portable tool for getting waste wood off your site – woody debris goes in one end and reusable wood fibre comes out the other.

The 5710 is currently the most powerful grinder in our fleet and is unmatched for its ability to chew through huge stumps, logs, mats, and even tough materials like asphalt shingles. Contaminants such as rocks and metal don’t cause breakdowns, and its design makes it difficult to plug up. With over 1000 hp on tap it can feed at an incredible rate. All of this adds up to efficient and effective handling of waste materials on your site.

Customers don’t believe us when we tell them how many trucks it takes to keep up with the 5710 paired with our JD 2954 grappled loader – until they see they see the team get the work done.

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