Ironwolf slasher

2710D Horizontal Grinder

5710C Horizontal Grinder

Barko 640

Bron 475

Bron 600

Lamtrac Ltr 8400

Lamtrac ltr 8290

Lamtrac 6125

Primetech pt-475LGP

Support Equipment

Primetech PT-475LGP

Cutting Width: 91in (2.3m)
Horse Power: 475hp (354kW)  
Ground Pressure: 4.9 psi

Productive – Powerful – Stable.

The PT-475 shines on larger projects due to its versatility and great production – a multi-tool for jobs with a bit of everything. These PrimeTechs have the power to handle bigger trees, but are equipped with low ground pressure tracks to stay on top of softer soils.

For your next project from 1 to 1000 hectares in size, give us a call to learn more about the waste wood options available to you.
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