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Subsoiling & Grubbing

Get the root of your problem with Canada’s largest fleet of IronWolf Slasher 1040 SST subsoiling mulchers. These are not PTO-driven rotavators – the IronWolf directs 540 hp to the cutting head for massive production. Preparing brush and tree covered soils for stripping and civil construction gets handled in a single operation. No more plucking stumps and raking together piles of wet woody debris for burning – instead, the IronWolf goes 20cm deep into the soil to churn out roots and mulch them into pieces. Push the resulting soil/mulch mixture to the side of your project and start your work. Rollback the mixture later with built-in erosion mitigation.

The IronWolf easily handles two other unexpected tasks. First, turn up frozen soils layer by layer for environmentally friendly soils handling and stockpiling. For soils in agricultural areas, this lets you separately stockpile soil layers without admixing/contamination, which is important for future reclamation. The frost layer automatically gets broken up so your work goes easier.

Second, the IronWolf grinds asphalt! The same machine that clears and grubs the road right-of-way can grind up layers of road base for your recycling and repair operations.

For your next project from 1 to 1000 hectares in size, give us a call to learn more about the waste wood options available to you.
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