Ironwolf slasher

2710D Horizontal Grinder

5710C Horizontal Grinder

Barko 640

Bron 475

Bron 600

Lamtrac Ltr 8400

Lamtrac ltr 8290

Lamtrac 6125

Primetech pt-475LGP

Support Equipment

Support Equipment

In our work, well-maintained and supported equipment is crucial for good production and on-time delivery. We run equipment that is durable and requires low maintenance, which results in high uptime for our clients’ projects.

As required, we support our land clearing services with:

  • Lowbed truck and trailer (up to 10 axles and pilot vehicle)
  • Dedicated in-field mechanical service & maintenance truck
  • 48-foot mobile field support shop
  • Forestry and mini excavators
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