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Waste Wood Mulching

Get your construction site or clearing project ready for work sooner, while avoiding risky open burning and restrictive smoke control regulations through EM3’s diverse fleet of mulching machines. No more piling waste wood and waiting for the right conditions for burning. At the same time as logging, we reduce all the brush and waste tree fibre into an erosion-controlling layer of woody chunks which are spread over the work area. Let us show you how we can meet demanding project specifications for mulch depth as low as 5 centimeters. We do this with little disturbance to the soil, or with a grubbing operation to remove root systems.

EM3’s operates a diverse fleet of mulchers to suit your challenging conditions:

EM3 has performed hundreds of projects for customers who need:

  • Construction site preparation
  • Right-of-way clearing (electricity transmission & distribution, petroleum & natural gas, roads)
  • Post-logging clean-up
  • Wildfire risk mitigation
  • Burning & smoke avoidance
For your next project from 1 to 1000 hectares in size, give us a call to learn more about the waste wood options available to you.
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