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Waste Wood Recycling & Horizontal Grinding

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Waste Wood Recycling and Horizontal Grinding

EM3 helps customers meet CO2 release and offset targets by helping them find new uses for wood fibre. We do this through our waste wood grinding services and partnerships with allied service providers and First Nations in Western Canada. We gather, grind, and truck the wood fibre off site for reuse. Waste wood grinding offers an important alternative to directly releasing CO2 into the atmosphere by open burning on site.

Recent customer solutions include:

  • Landfills looking to reduce woody debris volume and generate daily cover material at the same time
  • Right-of-way clearing operations near urban areas, requiring a no-burn, no-smoke solution to remove biomass/waste wood from the site
  • Turning waste wood into renewable bioenergy and pelleting plant feedstock
  • Removing prescribed amounts of wood fibre fuel from high-risk forests, as a way to reduce wildfire risk to communities and wildlife habitat

Talk to EM3 about how to dispose of unusable wooden swamp mats while creating absorbent for drilling operations.

For your next project from 1 to 1000 hectares in size, give us a call to learn more about the waste wood options available to you.
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